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Serving up a helping of crow

So I have been avoiding a certain brand of diapers, we'll call them Moodgamas, because they were so... built up.  They had almost reached mythical proportions and the price tag was a little more than I felt comfortable spending on a poo catcher.  I admired the cute prints and appreciated the genius marketing, but I wasn't going to buy into the hooplah.  After reading reviews, I purchased a diaper that seemed similar and had positive feedback and I was content.  It was a lovely diaper and I felt it had been a solid purchase.  After a few suggestions an a bit of pleading, my mom agreed to buy me some of these "too good to be true diapers" (I said I wasn't going to buy them; not that other people couldn't buy them for me). 

HOLY COW!!!  They're awesome.  How has my baby lived to the ripe old age of 9 months without these!  Hot dang, I gotta find me a second job so I can start a proper stash!!!  Seriously, I love them.  I wanted to be all jaded and "meh" but I'm totally hooked.  Super awesome and really worth the price for the workmanship and versatility.  Not to mention, the absorbency is super-duper. 


Ha ha ha...TOTALLY! I feel the same way about these things. I was like "No friggin way am I paying $35 for a damn diaper!" Then, I got one and it is my favorite. So I got two more...heh. In my defense, I am only buying them used.
My mom bought them for me when they were buy 2 get one free. If I had know just how awesome they were, I would have bought a second set of three while the sale lasted; unfortunately they only came in this week.
I dont know how keen you are on buying "previously loved" diapers- but GMs have been going for around $20-30 on spots/fsot recently too! They're not as difficult to get ahold of like they used to be and people are offloading them for newer prints all the time (dont ask me how I know) and you can get them for a good price now-a-days!
I have no problems with previously loved diapers, thanks for the tip!!!
For me, I thought the price was justified because they are one-size. Baby grows--and they still work! Think if you're buying Sm, M, L, XL, dipes and have to spend the money on all those sizes? I think the price includes the hype, but they seem to be selling like hot cakes. I hope that in a couple years when I'm done with cloth that I'll be able to sell these suckers!

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